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  • Market Value ($M) 3,563.36
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Insider Ownership

Common Stock
Name of Beneficial OwnerAmount and Nature of Beneficial Ownership(1)Shares Issuable Within 60 Days(2)Percent of Class
Philip B. Flynn1,258,486633,649 *
John F. Bergstrom20,5000*
Michael T. Crowley, Jr.884,9310*
R. Jay Gerken2,0000*
Judith P. Greffin00*
William R. Hutchinson67,333 0*
Robert A. Jeffe00*
Eileen A. Kamerick00*
Gale E. Klappa00*
Richard T. Lommen67,8280*
Cory L. Nettles00*
Karen T. van Lith10,0000*
John (Jay) B. Williams6,0000*
Named Executive Officers
Christopher J. Del Moral-Niles215,721139,648*
Randall J. Erickson167,96187,714*
John A. Utz155,448107,445*
David Stein220,501134,913*
All Directors and Executive Officers as a group (27 persons)3,619,348(3)1,420,5922.13%

* Denotes percentage is less than 1%.

(1) Beneficial ownership includes shares with voting and investment power in those persons whose names are listed above or by their spouses or trusts. Some shares may be owned in joint tenancy, by a spouse, by a corporate entity, or in the name of a trust or by minor children. Shares include shares issuable within 60 days of the Record Date and vested and unvested service-based restricted stock.

(2) Shares subject to options exercisable within 60 days of the Record Date.

(3) Includes an aggregate of 19,664 shares that have been pledged by a director in securities brokerage accounts in compliance with Associated's Insider Trading Policy.

Insider Ownership

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Transaction History for Dewitt, Angie M.
Transaction Date Action Shares Price $ Value $ Type Report Date
11/15/2018 Buy 13 $23.05 300 Direct 11/19/2018